Remote Year

Remote Year is a program that enables the dream: getting paid to travel the world. It curates an international community of 75 professionals to spend a year working, traveling, and exploring twelve cities around the world. With one month each in a different city, the program allows participants to connect with local cultures and business ecosystems spread across South America, Europe and Asia.

For those wondering how it all works: Remote Year is a startup itself, having just launched its first trip in June 2015. I’m a participant on Remote Year II (also known as Remote Year Battuta), and my experiences as one of the first participants on this groundbreaking program will help to inform future iterations of the trip. The individuals selected for the trip are representative of a wide range of ages (23-64); nationalities (14 countries represented); and careers (documentary film makers to management consultants).

You can learn more about Remote Year Battuta here.

Photo Credit: Lauren Hom